Electric President

Electric President is made up of Ben Cooper and Alex Kane, both natives of Jacksonville, Florida. Ben is pretty awesome, but Alex is a piece of shit. He's good at bass, though, so Ben puts up with him for that and that alone. Both of them are very fond of pizza, but Ben's stomach is easily twice the size of Alex's and he can eat much more of it per sitting. Alex also drinks Diet Coke due to having diabetes since he was a little kid, which is embarrassing (the Diet Coke … not the having diabetes part). Ben must have the patience of a Saint to put up with that guy. They've recorded two albums and one EP under the Electric President moniker, all avilable under the German imprint Morr Music, with a third to be released in early 2010 on Fake Four Inc. They've had songs on television (two on the OC, which was canceled shortly after – coincidence?) and in various short films. They both came from pretty DIY ideas of making music, and as such record all their music in a tool shed and a bedroom with a handful of recording gear. Apparently, this gives them cred. They hope to one day be incredibly rich from their music so they can buy an airplane and set it on fire without ever using it. To burn that sucker simply because they can, and to stand by and drink expensive wine and laugh manically until it explodes.