Kaigen is a rapper and producer from Tokyo, Japan. From his early work with the Melbourne based experimental collective Curse Ov Dialect to his current work as a solo artist, Kaigen has made a name for himself with his distinctive rapidfire flow and his ear for beats that combine the lush experimentation of the late 90s underground with drums that hit hard and give no quarter.

Kaigen's collaboration with Honolulu emcee Meiso, Kaigen21Meiso, set the stage for Kaigen's fully developed sound, establishing him as a true artist of the form, able to manipulate the listener's emotions with or without their linguistic comprehension. When Meiso later translated the lyrics to Kaigen's solo album Re: bloomer, the underground learned that depths of poetic imagery and political reality lay behind his style.

Having worked and toured with artists as varied as 2Mex, Awol One, Busdriver, Ceschi, Factor, Jel, K-The-I???, Louis Logic, Myka 9, Odd Nosdam, Omid, Ras G, Shing02, Sole, and Thavius Beck, Kaigen is a pivotal player in the ongoing renaissance of underground rap. And as a member of the group TGB (with Orko Eloheim of Nephlim Modulation System) and the founder of Fake Four Japan, he continues to pay it forward as he pushes the boundaries of both the music and the scene, moving them ever closer to fulfilling their true potential.