Squalloscope's "Exoskeletons for Children" Full Album Premieres on Big Takeover!

​Squalloscope's full new album, "Exoskeletons for Children," is exclusively streaming over at Big Takeover! Read the full premiere post and stream the album here: http://bigtakeover.com/news/album-premiere-exoskeletons-for-children-by-squalloscope

"Kohlweis reveals, “First and foremost, I wanted to make a record that would be a friend to someone the way that other people’s records had been friends to me. Maybe that thought started when i was sitting in my childhood attic room recording the material – the same place where I discovered the music that made me feel like it was saving my life in my teens. Or maybe it began when the world started to feel more and more like a terrifying place and I wondered why i had chosen to sit in an attic room by myself to make an album instead of fighting the fear with my friends.”

She continues, “Exoskeletons for Children became a solitary project about solidarity, anger, and healing. I never wrote an album before where I was clearly picturing an audience during the whole creation process. If I briefly did, it was because I was mildly terrified of their judgment. This time around, it was all out of love for the people I feel understood by." - BigTakeover.com

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